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I’m alone out here, but I like it that way, and so will you. Without being weighed down by someone else’s gravitational pull, you and I can be free to explore the universe and land on rock solid creative at a much more manageable cost.

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  • Intelligent Design

  • Accelerated Launch

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I may not be as big as other celestial bodies out there, but I have a lot to offer, including custom website design and development, brand creation and strategy, print design, web hosting, logo design… Basically you name it; I’ll do it, with 99.937% mind-blowing accuracy.

travel log

Although my trip is far from over, I’ve seen and done a lot along the way. Here are some examples of the work you can expect from Comet.



I'm Scott. I'm a designer who grew up in the midwest and keep my roots planted. I'm here to help your business succeed through superior marketing. Whether it's web design, branding, layout... whatever; I can help you out. I understand how aggressive growth and limited access to talent can make it hard to execute your vision. Think of me as part of your internal team — I will design your ideas and deliver results.

scott ecklund


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a giant leap for you could feel like one small step with me

Let’s align our orbits. If you’re interested in making contact with Comet, just look up.

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